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Richard Hutchins

2008, John DeBruin(JDB)has bought the rights to the Hutch name & is making frames & parts again with the Hutch name.  Pro racers, Trickstar and XL-24s with updated features. Pedals, pads & more.

Another great company, with a real following.

Trick Star, Pro Star, Pro Raider, Wind Styler, Hollywood, Judge, XL-24, so many bikes.

I should also mention here Hutch Heaven, a site all about Hutch:
And Kappa BMX, who USED to make modern versions of Hutch, & other bikes.
They are gone now..

OK, I got this from ebay..


In 1980-81 the hutch bmx frames had no serial #and the hutch logo was drilled out of the brake bridge. second version(82-83) still had no serial #and the hutch logo was stamped into the brake bridge in western style font.the last version is similar to the second one but with serial #on the inside left rear dropouts these # are 7digits and are all numerical... the first batch of frames starts w/123 the second one starts w/014 all from the years 83'84...the last batch before going overseas for  production was # that begin w/08xxxxx...
the japanese version had serial # as well but w/a (baseball logo at the end of the numbers)and the forks are made by TANGE..
the taiwan version had serial # on the bottom bracket w/ 4 "stamped out"... the reason why i'm telling you all this info is just being honest and giving the american people what they want and not be fouled by imtations...

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