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1985 Hutch Trick Star

1985 Hutch Trick Star

USA Made 1985 Trick Star

So this frame has been floating around my house for about two years now and I kept going on the fence about building it up.  SO I decided to put it together with some parts I had handy and take it for a spin.  I need to hunt down a Western H stem down the road and decide if I want to switch over to 3 piece cranks vs. the Cosmo.  But over all it rides SUPER nice, the chrome looks great in the sun and I feel lucky to have it. 

So I nabbed this frame locally a few years back (Thank bro ;) ).  It sat for a LONG time while I procured a fork for it which was a huge pain in the tail.  Once I got the fork (a little over a year after I snagged the frame) I felt a little better about it.  I got the fork off another USA made 85, so that was Not long after finding that fork I ran across these VDC Woody Bars and OMG!  I LOVE THESE BARS! That wide diameter cross bar and the wingspan is nice. 

The chrome on the frame and fork is OG but the decals are not.  I was told the decals were NOS but they may very well be the Stickemup repops from back in the day. But they look freaking NICE.  The bars have all OG decals on them.  I have started using Primo V2 VMonsters on just about all my bikes.  I was using the old school rubber and it looks SO awesome on a build, but I ride mine and I'm just FAR too lazy to do a wheel or tire swap every time I want to ride a bike.  lol  So I skipped vintage tread and just threw on my go to shoes.  

USA Hutch Trick Star
Bars: Hutch Woody Itson VDC made w/OG decals :)
Stem: Tuf Neck ACE
Grips: Tange
Levers: Dia Compe Tech 5
Brakes: Nippons
Headset: Hatta
BB: Tange (I believe) Japan stamped
Crank: SR Cosmolite
Disc: Tioga
Chainring: Suntour
Pedals: SR-474's OG Silver
Chain: KMC
Wheels/Hubs: Peregrine Super Pros
Clamp: DC Hinged MX
Post: Hutch Laid Back
Seat: Elina
Tires: Primo V2 VMonsters

Submitted by DarthBatman

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Hutch
  • Model: Trick Star
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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