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1983 Hutch Pit Racer 16

1983 Hutch Pit Racer 16

Picked this up for Midwest BMX Show build about 3 years ago As you can see in second photo it was long time neglected and in pretty ruff shape

This Pre Serial Number Hutch Pit Racer had seen better days.

Every part, nut, bolt etc was removed and taken apart.  
Chrome Parts were given an Oxalic bath in a form I made
The Frame, Fork, Bars & Pedals came out in very good condition, no rust remaining at all
and the parts shine great for age.
Other Parts like the Brakes, Cranks, Chainring & Seat Clamp I cleaned in the bath came out great, 
but have usage wear and therefore do not exhibit the sale degree of shine,  
Nothing was chrome polished.
Tires had large amount of sidewall deterioration and show lots of cords, but still hold air.

The only replaced parts were the Chain (toasted), 1 Brake Pad, Grips (melted to bars)
spokes (were rusted so bad they broke while trying to remove) and tubes.

Build parts:
Hutch 16" Pit Frame & Fork-Chrome
Son Lite Hubs (yes they are real from 1980, owner had them made by Son Lite)
Pro Class 16" Pit Rims-chrome with Original rim bands
Chrome Spokes & Nipples
IRC 16" Skinwall Tires-Knobby's
Profile Crank Arms and sealed Bottom Bracket (special short arms)
OG Triton Pedals
Dia-Compe MX900 Front & rear Brake, Cables & Levers-Chrome
Scott Rathäuser Finned Brake Pads
Dia-Compe Hinged Seat Clamp-chrome
Tioga Layback Seat Post-chrome
Aero PSI Seat-black
Pro Neck Mini Stem
Powerlite Expert Bars
A'me Tri Grips-Black (same as originally on bike)
Smoker Chain -Black
Sugino 44T Chainring-chrome
Sugino 16T Freewheel

Hope you enjoy this piece of History (Jody i.e..Trailerparkpimp asked about it today so
I thought why not post it).

Submitted by gt350

  • Pit Bike
  • Company: Hutch
  • Model: Pit Racer
  • Wheel Size: 16"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details  photo oxalic Bath_2.jpg photo Frt Hub.jpg photo Parts bundle.jpg photo Pit ffrt.jpg photo A Pit Story Board.jpg photo Rear Hub Pit Bike.jpg

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