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1984 Hutch Pro Raider

1984 Hutch Pro Raider

I stickered it as a Pro Racer, never was a big fan of the Pro Raider sticker setup :)

I found this Raider as a trashed, rusted, old stolen bike. I got it from a shifty bike shop owner. It was old stolen tho as the patina showed years of growing. Still wasn't happy bout it tho. It sat for 2 years before I built it, more because I was waiting to find a set of Landing Gears cheap for it, lol. I always wanted a Hutch set up like this as a kid. It has all Gold anodized parts off an 81 D.B. Senior Pro. VX cranks, MX 1000 brakes, Hutch bars, Hutch seatpost, the forks are a set of 1" S.E. Racing Landing Gears, White Mike Buff Z rims with Acs hubs, California Lite Johar pads, Viscount Aero seat, Fuan grips, Suntour XC pedals,  SR D.B. stamped Gold anodized neck. All parts, cables, bearings, and tires are old school "Survivor", just cleaned up and refinished and in great shape. Thanks for looking!! :)

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