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1985 Hutch Judge

1985 Hutch Judge

I tried to make this one unique.......

I started out collecting parts to make this a "replica" of the white Judge in the famous Hutch ad that Timmy Judge is kneeling next to. I had a few anodized blue parts laying around, and a sweet wheelset with blue Suntour sealed hubs. I mocked up the bike one night when I was bored, and it changed my direction on how I wanted this bike to be built.

I'm sure alot of you will agree, trying to match up blue anodized parts from different companies can be a real pain! Alot of the parts I bought for this build I didn't end up using, because the blues didn't match at all. Anodized blue Hutch components from back in the day are really hard to find now in any condition, and they all seemed to be more of an aqua color.

Anyways, here's the breakdown.......


Frame & Fork - 1985 Hutch Judge (powdered white)

Headset - Tange 125 (original chrome)

Stem - Hutch Deep H (blue)

Bars - Hutch 2nd Generation Pro bars (powdered white)

Numberplate - Hutch (black/white)

Grips - Original NOS Oakley B1-B's (blue/white)

Lever - NOS Dia-Compe Tech 3 (blue)

Seatclamp - NOS Hutch doughnut (blue)

Seatpost - Hutch straight (powdered white)

Seat - New Kashimax Aero w/Hutch logo (blue)

Brakes - NOS Dia-Compe MX1000's (blue)

Cranks - Original Hutch Aerospeeds 180mm (re-chromed)

Disc - New Hutch Aerospeed disc (blue)

Pedals - Original Hutch w/new blue cages

Chain - NOS Izumi (chrome)

Freewheel - Shimano 333 (chrome)

Rims - NOS Sun 20x1.75 (chrome) 

Hubs - NOS Suntour sealed (blue)

Tires - Tioga Comp III's yellow label re-make 20x1.75 f&r

Caps - NOS Blue ABA Rad Kaps

Pads - New Hutch (blue)

  • Race
  • Company: Hutch
  • Model: Judge
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 74
  • Toptube length: 19"
  • Headtube size: 1"