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1985 Hutch Trick Star

1985 Hutch Trick Star


 I went to a local bike shop to buy a Mt bike and started talking to the guy. I always went to this shop back in the 80's so I knew him a little. Somehow the topic came up that he still had some stuff from the 80's and one thing was this Trickstar. I asked if I could see it and he didnt want to even show it to me. So I asked to buy it and he didnt want to sell it, besides someone already offered to buy it. So I let it go and put a deposit on my Mt bike.


Every week or so I would go back to pay some more on the Mt bike and always asked, just give me a price, let me see it. The answer was always no. I wasnt going to give up though. One day I went back to give him some money, and there it was! UNBELIEVEABLE!!! So I said How much.... this time was Ill think about it!!!! YES!!!


I go back in a few days to check and hes ready to sell... so how much?? He tells me and I try to remain calm and say ok, let me go to the ATM and Ill be right back. Score beyond all scores!!!  Frame, Fork and padset for not much more than it was back in 1985. I couldnt be happier, and Im not a huge Hutch fan.


Im guessing he decided to sell it to me because I bought a $1500 Mt bike and I doubt they sell many bikes for that much, its a small shop.


Submitted by brutus

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Hutch
  • Model: Trick Star
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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