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1984 Hutch Lil Hole Shot

1984 Hutch Lil Hole Shot

"Mini Racer"

The frame & fork was originally built as a complete in a bike shop just outside of Portland,called Oregon Skate & Bike. It remained there hanging in the rafters "unsold" w/ a price tag of $429.99, until it was eventually given to a longtime employee as a "going away" gift in the early to mid '90s. Over the years, he slowly sold off all the parts, items like diamond back "turbo-lite" cranks, MX-1000's, suntour "mini" stem, etc. until all that remained was this nearly "flawless" frame & fork!

the breakdown:

'84 Hutch "lil holeshot" f/f (o.g. chrome)
Hutch "headset" (n.o.s.)
revcore "mini" stem (show polished)
Hutch "mini racer" bars w/ custom fabricated bar ends (n.o.s.)
ame "mini" duals (n.o.s.)
Hutch "pro" plate (n.o.s.) w/ Hot inc. number
157mm Bullseye cranks & powerdisk (n.o.s.)
43t Pro-neck "chainring"
Regina "holow-pinned" chain (straight out of a JMC "mini" package in the '80 hutch catalog)
Demco futura x "mini" pedals w/ titanium spindles
Dia-compe 2pc "clamp" (n.o.s.)
uni "hammerhead" pro
Hutch "rocket" wheelset (28H & 36H ti/mag Hutch hubs,NISI rims and Comp V "sew-ups")
Dia-compe Mx-900 w/ a "drilled out" tech4 lever (n.o.s.)
Bear Development "padset"

*15lbs & 4oz.*

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