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1984 Hutch Pro Raider

1984 Hutch Pro Raider


Picked up the frame and fork a while ago, found a set of Pro Racer forks and put them on the bike instead (need decals!), took the original Sugino Diamond Back 3 piece crank from my Silver Streak and the rims I used to have on it as well (Araya 7x w/Suzue hubs), found a Diacompe 890 brake, a Hutch seatpost clamp, a GT mallet stem (always wanted one), a Tioga Beartrap headset and a Tange headset lock, and also what I was told are old GT bars (no knurling) but they are smaller than what I would have expected.


Update: Added a layback seatpost  put a silver Diacompe brake lever on to replace the black one (like the silver one a lot more), and took off the Diamond Back crank and put on an NOS Takagi Tourney black 3 piece, nice! And a used Viscount Aero per the last pic. Also Ame grips and a beautiful set of SR Speedtrap pedals from JKraig (thanks Jason!).


Newest update (Nov.20) - frame is the only thing left, all the parts are now on a very nice '85 (I think) Pro Racer frame....will have pics up very soon.

Submitted by twinpr