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1985 Hutch Pro Raider

1985 Hutch Pro Raider

My 1rst build! nothing really special but it rocks!

Dont know the frame year for sure I think its 85 or 86, not USA made with new decals.

I put this together to ride, and it looks cool too! I didnt want to spent too much $ seeing as how its a lower grade Hutch. If it were a Pro Racer...Thing would be different.

It has:

Tuff Neck stem

Schwinn CW style bars

Weimann wheels off a mid school GT


Suntour clamp

Elf forks

Mx1000 copy brakes

Cheng shin comp 3s

Rad seat

Anyways, you get the picture. I ride this everyday and its light as a feather. Im proud of it being my first build, aand I didnt spend a fortune on it!  

Thanks Yall!

This website kicks ass!!

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