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1983 Hustler Micro Mini

1983 Hustler Micro Mini

this is serial number 11 micro mini frame possible PROTOTYPE??? original paint and decals. everything is original condition.

All the Hustler parts came from Ralph's Bicycle's inventory after closing.  

Ralph's Bicycles is the famous Southern California bike shop and sponsor of many Pro's and Factory riders. 

All ORIGINAL FINISH and DECALS....nothing has been refinished, painted or polished.

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This was built with influence of Ralph's Bicycle style of pure exotica and extreme attention to detail. I have 3 hustler mini frames and they're all completely different...this one looks like the welds are brazed and shows Ralph's road bike influences. The Campagnolo cranks were 'custom fabricated' in the 80's by Ralph and were cut down to 150's.   They were retapped to fit 1/2" pedals in order to keep the strength. The numberplate also came from the "Ralph's stash" was used by one of his team racers.  I did cut up some original Hustler decals to customize the seatpost and under the brake lever.

Frame: HUSTLER micro mini
Fork: JMC mini (4" head tube)
Stem: HUSTLER mini stem
Seat: UNI Hammerhead Seat
Seat cover: RALPH's BICYCLES
Bars: TUFNECK aluminum
Grips: A'ME mini
Cranks: CAMPAGNOLO Strada (Ralph's Bicycles custom)
Chainring Bolts: CAMPAGNOLO
Rims: NISI sew up
Brake Calipers: CAMPAGNOLO
Tires: MITSUBOSHI Comp V (yellow label sew ups)
Lever: SHIMANO DX (black sleeve)
Seatclamp: DIA-COMPE 2 piece
Pedals: SKYWAY Turbo
Chain: IZUMI blue
Freewheel: SHIMANO 333
Numberplate: custom Ralphs Bicycles (hand cut numbers)
Frame pad:  Ralphs Bicycles (vinyl pad)

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Submitted by TrulyOdd