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1984 Hustler Freestyler 16

1984 Hustler Freestyler 16

All original 1984 HUSTLER Freestyler Pit bike with Hustler Pro (green) handlebars, 150mm GT Power Series cranks, Shimano DX's (green), 16" Tuffs...

1984 HUSTLER Freestyle Pit (Ralph's Bicycles)

HUSTLER 'Freestyler' 16" manufactured by Cook Bros. for Ralphs Bicycles.    It's a Freestyler frame... and for those who know Hustler (and Ralphs Bicycles), know that they didn't venture too far into the freestyle realm.    

Ralph's Bicycles is the famous Southern California bike shop and sponsor of many Pro's and Factory Riders.

All ORIGINAL FINISH and DECALS....nothing has been refinished, painted or polished.

frame: HUSTLER Freestyler Pit 16"
forks: HUSTLER 16"
bars: HUSTLER PRO (30" wide) (original green)
pedals: SHIMANO DX 1/2"
stem: TUF NECK Ace
cranks: GT POWER SERIES 150mm
seatpost: HUTCH Laidback
seat clamp: DIA-COMPE Hinged
tires: GT 16" Freestyle
powerdisc: TIOGA Compact Disc
chainring: SUGINO 44t
valve caps: TUF NECK
rims: SKYWAY TUFF WHEELS 16" Loose Bearings
rear brake caliper: DIA-COMPE mx1000
brake levers: DIA-COMPE tech 3 right/left
front brake caliper: DIA-COMPE mx1000
lever covers: NEAL
brake pads: SKYWAY Tuff Pads
seat: CYCLE PRO Shot Gun II
headset: TIOGA beartrap 2
bottom bracket: TIOGA
SST Dirtskirt
grips: AME rounds (bubble font)
freewheel: SUNTOUR 16t chrome
chain: IZUMI chrome

Submitted by TrulyOdd

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Hustler
  • Wheel Size: 16"
  • Headtube size: 1"