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1982 Hustler Pro

1982 Hustler Pro

HUSTLER Bicycles was owned by BMX Hall Of Famer "Big Daddy" Ralph Mundia from RALPH'S BICYCLES. The famous bike shop out of Downey, CA. manufactured by Cook Bros. for Ralphs Bicycles

note* Andy Patterson rode a Hustler while on Skyway before they made the T/A.

This is an 82 HUSTLER PRO 20".  (serial #18)

This is a real early original chrome Hustler frame (20" top tube).   Also has the super-rare Hustler pro forks
Hustler Pro handlebars (very similar to Star Bars but are a little bit wider)
Hustler straight seatpost 
This frame has a round brake bridge (It's the only one i've seen, all others have the Powerlite style)

Look at the forum discussion for more pictures!

Manufactured by Cook Bros. exclusively for Ralph's Bicycles.  
Ralph's Bicycles is the famous Southern California bike shop and sponsor of many Pro's and Factory Riders.

All ORIGINAL FINISH and DECALS....nothing has been refinished, painted or polished.

parts breakdown:

frame: 20" HUSTLER Pro
forks: 20" HUSTLER Pro (only set to ever surface in the hobby)
handlebars: HUSTLER Pro 
seatpost: HUSTLER (straight)
seat: Elina 
seatclamp: Suntour
grips: Oakley B-2
stem: Pro Neck
rims: chrome Araya 7x
hubs: Bullseye
tires: Mitsuboshi Comp 2 1st Gen. yellow label (black tire with blue wall) 
brakes: Weinmann 1024
pads: Skyway Finned
lever: Dia-Comp Tech 3
cranks: Sugino Cro Mo 180
spider: Sugino
chainring: Sugino 44t
pedals: KKT Rat Traps
chain: Izumi
headset: Tioga beartrap II
headset lock: Suntour
numberplate: Hot Plate

Submitted by TrulyOdd

  • Race
  • Company: Hustler
  • Model: Pro
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"