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1976 Huffy Thunder Star 26

1976 Huffy Thunder Star 26

Not your kids Huffy

This bike was an idea of mine ten years ago, when I purchased a mint thunder road 20” bike. All I could do was look at it, because I was too tall to be comfortable on the 20” frame. About two years ago i started collecting the necessary parts for the build. 

I purchased a 26” Huffy bicycle that had a cantilever style frame. I then purchased a 1976 Huffy Thunder Star Bicycle. I sent the 26” frame to be powdered gloss white. I realized the original Huffy seat was too small for the bike. I had to purchase a Schwinn Hurricane to get a seat the was the correct length. I searched high and low to find the 24” center drop 28 spoke rims so they would look original. (I also have the Hi-flange front hub from the Thunder Star. This is not installed, but will go to the buyer) The crank arms are from a 24” the sprocket is from the original thunder star. The bars and neck are also from the original. I measured every decal and provided them to a decal maker to have them reproduced. The bike has brand new tubes and tires. **SOLD**

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