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1982 Huffy Spartan

1982 Huffy Spartan

entry-level early BMX (coaster brake)racer

This was a local craigslist survivor find.  The chrome was in decent shape, but the bike was overall pretty dirty.  I had the bike for a while before the wife claimed it as her own, she loves a sweet coaster brake ride.  It sat in the garage in the "fix me" queue until then, and when i finally started cleaning it up and really fell in love with it.  her only request was more red, she saw BMX Bandits a while back and wanted something very similar looking.  Due to the spokes being a bit rusty(they were honestly the worst parts), i rebuilt the wheels with spokes that perfectly match the red finish on the rims.  I also took that time to re-grease and clean the hubs so that they spin like new.  The dreamy, red comp 3 tires are NOS as far as i can tell, Duro branded.  I polished the frame, fork, cranks, and stem to a nice shine, cleaned up the sprocket and BB, and replaced the original red Vbars with a chrome pair originally found on a similar huffy, shout out to JT for those, thanks, man!  The og grips were really dirty, but with a lot of scrubbing(those crevices are tiny), and some soaking, and some good old tire foam, they look like new sitting on the chrome bars.  The bike originally had all the og pads, except for the V-bar pad, but they were a bit faded, so i replaced them all with a matching set of new Rad Pads(the stem pad is(was) NOS, the others are repops).  The pedals were not easy to find, but i eventually came up with a NOS set of rat traps in matching red.  The original seat ditched the stock steel post in lieu of sitting atop a sweet, NOS fluted red version, which i agreed looked much better.  Finally, the chain was replaced with a shiny new KMC.  And last, but not least, the wife showed her pride in her new ride by ordering up a set of glitter red Trik Topz to keep that air where it belongs.  I decided to leave the kickstand on because my wife is a lady and takes care of her stuff.  As far as i am concerned, this bike is done, but i do plan to secure a set of og Huffy Pro 3 Rad Pads, as well as have a set of repop decals made up and applied as the fork decals are looking way rough.  Thanks for checking it out, I am super proud to add it to the Museum.

Submitted by dumptruckjunior

  • Race
  • Company: Huffy
  • Model: Spartan
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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