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1978 Huffy Thunder Road

1978 Huffy Thunder Road

This model was my first BMX bike as a child. I knew I needed one to complete my nostalgic toy collection. The only non-Diamond Back in my BMX collection.

One of my fondest childhood memories was when my father (US Navy, retired after 22years) came home in 1978 after a 6month deployment of the Pacific Rim aka West PAC with a bike for each of his kids. Being a 6yr old boy, I got a Huffy Thunder Road. Wow, I was elated to say the least. I kept my Thunder Road throughout grade school (1979-83) and it served me the best it could.  Around 1982, all the neighborhood kids started getting 'real' BMX bikes (Diamond Back, Redline, SE, Mongoose..) as San Diego, Ca was a hot bed for BMX racing. Unfortunately, my parent weren't able to afford a $250 Silver Streak for me from the local bike shop (Wheels n' Things in El Cajon, Ca) so I had to make due with my trusty Huffy.

  What's a kid to do? I remember removing the chain guard, reflectors, plastic fenders & race plates and putting them in the trash bin before my father could stop me from ruining my bike. The CC bar and banana seat were replaced with a padded pear seat. But all my friends' had Chrome bikes. What could a 11yr old do about that? "Oh I know, how about using sandpaper to remove the Black finish and all the while shine up the Steel underneath".  Yeah, that looked great for a few days before the dreaded iron oxide, aka rust, showed up. Guess that was my way of updating my bike to give it a modern look. That was the last memory I had of my bike. Upon entering middle school in 1984, I no longer had the bike.  I can't even remember what happened to it.
  Fast forward to Feb 2016, I went on a shopping spree fueled by pure nostalgia. So of course I went on the lookout for my childhood dream bike, a Diamond Back Silver Streak. For the next few months (Feb-Oct) I went nuts! I bought every model Diamond Back in every color from 1977-84. Looking at the 40+ DBs I amassed in such a short time, there was still a little emptiness in my heart. I needed to find the make & model that started it all for me, a 1978 Huffy Thunder Road. By perusing the photo archives on this site, along with a vivid memory of my school days, I knew what bike I needed to find and purchase.
  A 3 minute browse through eBay and I found what I was searching for, Located 3000+ miles away on the opposite coast, was my prize. I quickly made an offer and it was promptly accepted. The wife and I jumped aboard our Piper PA-46 Meridian and I was on my way to collect my latest acquisition. This Huffy will be the only non Diamond Back in my small collection of old school BMX. Special thanks to Henry G. who was the caretaker for the past 12years for taking such good care of it and selling it to me.

Suggested retail price in 1978, $92.95
Weight, 40lbs

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Submitted by rareair

  • All-Around
  • Company: Huffy
  • Model: Thunder Road
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Frame: Twin cantilevered, 9056


    Bars: Cross braced

    Stem: HS298


    Grips: vinyl, waffle style, model 16546 (Hunt Wilde)

    Cranks: 1pc, 140mm

    Bottom bracket:

    Sprocket: 36t, CS358

    Chain: 3/16", CH154 (D.I.D)

    Pedals: Steel, rat trap (Wellgo)

    Wheels: Steel, 28h


    Tires: 20x2.125 (Swallow)

    Brake: rear coaster (Shimano)

    Seat: HMX style, Padded, Black vinyl (Royal)

    Seat Post: SP240

    Seat clamp: SPC178

    Kickstand: KS276