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1982 Huffy Pro Thunder Max

1982 Huffy Pro Thunder Max

One sweet Huffy that wants to be a Moosegoose!

Built to resemble the infamous Mongoose Moosegoose! I originally purchased this as a semi- salvaged bike from another member here on the museum.  Originally chrome, this Huffy was in need of a new look.  I decided to replicate the Moosegoose look by getting an all new powdercoat and creating custom stickers to this ride. I also wanted to upgrade some of the components but still keep it as "Huffy-like" as possible but still keep it semi-custom. I purchased a huffy double clamp stem that was refinished in brass that perfectly replicated the Mongoose stem, and yet its still a Huffy.     I added generic V bars and grips, refinished the sprocket and pedals and added a sweet set of Tuff1's.  Along with a NOS messenger seat and the results speak for itself. 

I recently took it for its first ride and WOW... what a wheelie machine this thing is!  I cant believe a Huffy can be this much fun!

Submitted by SupergooseScrambler

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