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1969 Huffy All-Pro Dragster III

1969 Huffy All-Pro Dragster III

Stage 2 of my BMX bike (circa: 1978-79)

This is Stage 2 of the BMX bike I built in the 70s. Stage 1 & 3 are posted here on the BMXMuseum. The frame was modified after I broke the down tube at the top and bottom. My Dad helped me fabricate the gussets and re-welded the down tube. We also removed the seat stay extensions to make it look more like a BMX. It was still small, but didn't break again! The components on this build are as close to what I remember, some parts are different and currently unavailable (these will be noted). The components include: 1969 Huffy All-Pro (Kmart) frame with 4 custom gussets and removed seat stay extensions, Akisu chrome BMX fork (NOS), Tange chrome headset, WIN chrome double-clamp stem (NOS with socket head bolts), CYC blue-chrome V-bars (NOS), Dorcy "chainlink" grips with donuts (NOS), Dia-Compe vintage alloy brake lever (NOS), Weinmann clear alloy brake cable (NOS), Lee Chi MX1000 brakes (NOS), Dia-Compe brake pads (repop), Proto Plate number plate with NOS Moto-X Fox plate decal and sponsor stickers, Ashtabula 6 1/2" crank (NOS), Victor steel rat-trap pedals (NOS - I filed them B.I.T.D. for better traction, but my shins are all scarred from them, won't do that again!), Wald chrome steel 44t sprocket (NOS), Tioga chrome loose-bearing bottom bracket, D.I.D. bronze chain (NOS), ACS Crossfire 16t freewheel, Xcaliber alloy seat post clamp (NOS - need to replace the decal because the one on it flaked off), Fluted alloy seat post (NOS - brand unknown), Troxel quilted seat with chrome rails, guts & accessory tabs (NOS), Sate-lite PC mag wheels (reconditioned originals), Cheng Shin Comp 3 blue/tan skinwall tires (NOS - these will be replaced with Mitsuboshi Comp II blue skinwall tires when something becomes available), homemade blue vinyl snap racing pads (just like I did B.I.T.D.), NOS JT Racing Lightning bolts & DG stickers, and last but-not-least and the hardest part to find is the Ace Frehley head tube sticker from KISS' "Rock and Roll Over" album. You have no idea how hard it was to find this KISS album with the sticker still inside of it. I had to buy a NOS, unsealed album just to get. I'm embarrassed to say what I paid for it, but I had to have it to complete this build!

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