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1988 Huffy White Lightning

1988 Huffy White Lightning

Ride The White Lightning **SOLD**

A first for the Museum.

I came across this classic, '80's old school Huffy White Lightning while rummaging through an old man's barns.
Back in the day, this old man who I befriended would go to the thrift stores and Goodwill Stores to buy bikes on the cheap and then re-sale them.
What he didn't sell ended up being stored on his property where he tucked them away in several barn houses for the last 25 years.  

I snatched just about every bike he owned for pennies on the dollar including this bad boy Huffy.  I immediately loved this ride because it is all '80s down to the Huffy USA head tube sticker, ape hanger handlebars and fluorescent yellow forks, decal and pad accents. 

It's all original with exception of the larger all black Chaos cranks and sprocket I added.  I also added a pair of vintage stamped Schwinn rat trap pedals, the WD 20 X 2.35 Mongoose tires and metal tin clip-on reflectors.  I have no clue the type of the rims except they came with tires and I do dig them for the spoke arrangement.  The MX brake and Resentel brake lever are also original to the bike from what I can tell.

It is definitely an old school meets new school wheel set mash; and while it may be a little rough and chipped on the outside, it's clean as a whistle on the inside.  I spent a good week gutting the insides and cleaning before reassembling for a very smooth ride.  

My only complaint is that the original coat suffers from a light gray paint bomb, but its hardly noticeable because it blends in with the original Jackson Pollock style black on white marbling paint job.        

All things being said, it's a gem of a ride, a real head turner as far as Huffys go, and the only White Lightning in "DA HAUS!!!" 


Submitted by TEXMEXBMX