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1982 Huffy Pro Lightning

1982 Huffy Pro Lightning

Probably the 1st RESTORED, show worthy Huffy on The BMX Museum!

Here's a restoration that this place has yet to see!  Here's my  Huffy.   I got one just like it for Christmas back in 1982.  It was the closest thing to a decent bike that I had until I was able to save my $ and buy my own Freshman year in high school.  It took me 2 years to find another to restore and I finally found a rough starting point.

I tried to use original parts, but as many know, Huffy used a lot of no name junk that was impossible to track down.

Parts List:
Frame/Forks - 1982 Huffy Pro Lightning
Bars - Original Huffy
Seatpost - Original Huffy Teardrop
Stem - Original No Name Double Clamp
Grips - Ame Bubble Font Tri
Levers - Dia Compe Prebent
Calipers - Dia Compe 980/1080
Brake Cables - Dia Compe
Number Plate - Zeronine
Pads - California Lite
Sprocket - Sugino
Chain - Izumi
Rims - Araya Aero
Hubs - Shimano

Spokes - Asahi

Freewheel - Shimano
Seat - Troxel
Tires - Cheng Shin
Bottom Bracket - YST
Cranks - Original No Name (Restored)
Headset - YST
I also have a NOS original chainguard with teardrop shaped mounts that I didn't put on. (Obvious reasons!)

Submitted by b_koenig