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1976 Huffy Thunder Star

1976 Huffy Thunder Star

huffy thunder star spirit of 1976 a.k.a evel knievel

This is the first bike I ever purchased off of e-bay.Thanks to member Goody39.

It was a pleasant experience.

Other than a fresh coat of paint on the sissy bar and new grips and pedals the bike appears to be in very nice original condition.

I wanted this bike because it was like the one I had as a kid.It is also the only other one I have seen with a plastic tank.If anyone knows why some are plastic and others are pad`s please let me know.The working a .m. radio came with the bike.I added the speed odmeter and the battery powered sound maker.I hope to find a raw power hand grip,and a white pair of correct grips.

Submitted by lopo68

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