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1980 Huffy Pro Lightning

1980 Huffy Pro Lightning

Built over last couple months

My buddy Greg was looking for some Aeros for his PL build. Ended up getting almost another complete bike with them. He ended up trading me most of the parts to build a complete bike in exchange for painting a motorcycle. 

The original chen shin snake bellies were a very lucky find , thrown into a deal for some Tuff II’s for $20. They look like they were never ridden. The Zeronine number plate is a reproduction. All the paint (minus bars and chainring) is original and was lightly polished. The frame, downtube and headtube sticker are original, rest are repo. Tried matching the paint on the bars to original yellowish / gold. Ended up coming out as more of a match to the Aeros than the original yellowish gold. 

Im happy how it turned out, but now I don’t want to ride it.