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1977 Huffy Thunder Road

1977 Huffy Thunder Road

''BLACK OUT'' 1977 Huffy Thunder Road BMX

Just finished today 5/24/20 This 1977 Huffy Thunder Road bike that I call ''BLACK OUT'' is like my first ever bike that I got on xmas morning in 1977/78 .Mom I mean Santa rolled it home xmas eve night from the local Ace Hardware store . I remember falling off this bike on the first ride in the spring on a road down hill. I was bleeding all over and had pee gravel in my head crazy how you remember things like that. I built this bike to look like my first bike from the old pitchers of me on my huffy. I changed some items like the wheel set to newer Haro Team wheels .To the purest like my self also I kept the original wheels just put them off to the side and the blue fenders. I changed to the all black pad set and black fenders. I bought the huffy from eBay a few months back it was in very good condition no rust no dents covered in a oil base so it was protected it had the wrong sprocket other wise most of the bike was original. This Huffy was a very fun and cheap to build compared to the 80s high end bikes that I know very well. It was way easier to track down the parts than most other bikes this huffy bike  it self took the most time to find about a year to find the right one . I have the blue fenders I might install them some day just loving the all black look. I was trying to keep a original look with a twist with out going out too far . I even installed the original reflectors in the new school wheels crazy with the big block tires so cool . The original paint was a satin black had to go with a gloss black with a deep clear probably better than new. Hope you enjoy this Huffy it was a fun build with a cool look. SUPER RAD

Submitted by jason alt

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Huffy
  • Model: Thunder Road
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 15-3/4
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Orig- Frame and fork Orig-seat and seat bracket Orig-Handel Bars and stem Orig-grips NOS-race plates NOS-Pads set NOS-Reflectors Nos -Sprocket NOS-Chain NOS-CRANK NOS-PEDDALS Remake decals NEW-MID SCHOOL HARO TEAM WHEEL SET New Duro Motocross block tires NEW nuts and bolts New powder Coating Gloss Black Deep Clear Coat