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2001 Huffy M-80 DJ-2

2001 Huffy M-80 DJ-2

2001 Huffy M-80 Cory Nastazio Signature model. Awesome mid-school tank!

For a brief time, Huffy began making legitimate BMX and trail bikes. They had a roster of pro riders tearing it up on the track and at competitions around the world. This is a little piece of that period in time.

I was working at a Dick's Sporting Goods store as a bike assembly tech when this bike came out. I remember the shipment arriving and I saw "HUFFY" really big on the box. I thought I knew what to expect as i snipped the thick white packing straps and tore open the shipping box. Image my surprise when i pulled out this behemoth! 48 Spoke wheels, Double wall rims, Actual TIG welds 4130 frame and bars, three-piece cranks, cable detangler, alloy pedals, U-brakes, alloy levers! I could barely believe my eyes. Huffy made department store garbage, not this. Was I in bizzarro world?!

I knew then and there that I would have one. it was so inexpensive for what you got. $329.00 out the door, and with my discount... well... I'd be a fool not to snag one. I put one in layaway and figured I could just do the slow pay as my checks came in.

Then one day I saw this bike in the back by the compactor. It was missing its stem and seat. Everything else was there. I asked my manager what the deal was. He told me it was returned and it needed to be disassembled and tossed in the compactor to be smashed. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't let that happen. I convinced him to let me save it, so it somehow fell out of the compactor before it could be smashed and I picked it up before I went home that night. Needless to say, I cancelled my layaway.. :)

I assembled the bike and rode it for a while. At the same time, I also had an S&M NG Dirt Bike. tghey looked similar, So I grabbed a tape measure and took some measurements.The frames were nearly identical in dimension and angle. It was crazy. Huffy was a little lighter wall thickness and had a ridiculously large down tube, but the rest was spot on. I can confidently say that the M80 frame was a copy of the S&M next generation Dirt Bike. Cory Nastazio rode for both S&M and Huffy so it makes sense.

After a while, the M80 got scavenged for parts, but after a number of years I made it back home to my mom's and I found it in a box packed up to sell. Glad I never got around to doing it. So, I submit to BMX Museum my Huffy M80. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Submitted by DamienE

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Huffy
  • Model: M-80
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Frame: Huffy M80 DJ-2 Fork: S&M Ditch Fork Cranks: Huffy Forged three piece - so heavy... Wheels: KenMing Hubs with Jalco SCF Freestyle double walled rims Pedals: Huffy alloy platform Chainring: Huffly (profile imperial knock-off) Chain: KMC Z 410RB Freewheel: ACS Paws Tires: Maxxis Holy Roller Seatpost: Mongoose Seatpost Clamp: DK old school Seat: Velo Headset: Sealed eBay special Stem: GT Bars: Huffy (S&M Slam copy) Grips: Huffy Brake Levers: Tektro Detangler/cables: SST Oryg Rear Brake: Tektro FX 20

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