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1991 Homeless The Mack

1991 Homeless The Mack

So stoked to find this rad piece of history!

Picked up this frame last year and set to work on creating a bike I admired as a kid in the early 90's.

Frame: 91 The Mack (without 990 mounts or coaster tab)
Forks: 1" Pitchforks
Stem: Redneck quill
Bars: Peregrine Strut (silver bars)
Grips: Jive handles
Lever: tech 77
Seat: Selle turbo (to be recovered)
Clamp: Odyssey Pozi stop
Cranks: Redline flight 175
Sprocket: Profile 44t
Pedals: Peregrine UF1
Wheels: Peregrine HP 
Tyres: Primo V monster (replacing with GT logo)
Brake: Odyssey pit bull

Submitted by 664_neighbourofthebeast