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Homeless Bikes (1988–1996)

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Founders : James Shephred, Dave Parrick and Ruben Castillo in 1991.Dave Parrick : My friends from and I started Club Homeless as a joke when we were in high school. It was a spoof on Club Homeboy. We just did it for fun and people seemed to like the name homeless so we used it for the bike company.

James Shephred : We started doing videos, t-shirts and things like that, years ago, under the Homeless name, with just me and my friend Dave Parrick.

1991 Shin pads, Pete Augustin is Homeless-mounted, and the Homeless hardware catalogue includes two frame and fork sets -the Soul Bro (flatland/street) with custom platform and The Mack (street- axle pegs (Forties), seat posts, and stems.
Homeless frame and forks were originally custom made by the same manufacturing plant responsible for S&M Bikes

1992 videos: Highway to Hell  Dec: Ruben Castillo has left Homeless Bikes. He owned half of Homeless with James Shepherd.

1993 Homeless Mack tested in BMX Plus! january 1993.
Homeless Trash Video Produced by Homeless Bikes in 1993 and starring James Shepperd, Dave Parrick, Kevin Gutierrez, Chase Gouin, John Yull, Lee Sultimer, ...
Tricks : Icepick grinds. Handrail to 180�, 30 steps handrail, ...
James Shepherd left Homeless.
Gregg Hansen has control of Homeless and owns the rights.
1995 Owner
: Gregg Hansen. Homeless Bikes is actually building 40 to 50 bikes a week.

1995 Frames Including The Mack Gen 2, The Player

1996 Homeless Pornstar

1997 Homeless Bikes Pornstar 1 18th..

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