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1995 Hoffman Sugar Baby

1995 Hoffman Sugar Baby

First generation Sugar Baby

This is the first generation Sugar Baby. There are a few out there which you can search for Sugar Baby and find them. I sold this bike last year but still see people posting up other 94/95’s asking what is it, is it really a Sugar Baby etc because there aren’t any 94/95s in the museum so I’m reposting it for reference. Bought from the original owner who got it new and removed th decals because he thought they were girly. This was a one year only design. In 96 they went to the other design that you see in the museum.  

Top tube and down tube are oval.
The rear drop outs are extremely thick, 3/8 I believe.  
The bars I think are called the “Hoffman Lite” bars. Look like patriot bars but have a shorter rise.

The last picture of the painted one with original decals is for another example of this year.

 Serial numbers should start with "ACL5"

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