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1996 Hoffman Big Daddy

1996 Hoffman Big Daddy

Kevin Jones Signature Model!

This Hoffman Big Daddy started off as a rider build for me but little did I know, that this frame is actually kind of different from all the other ones that I have owned! Turns out that this frame is a late 96 made in Taiwan. This frame has a HKFD serial number and 14 mm rear dropouts. The regular 97 frames have a serial number that starts with a completely different set of letters but has much more relaxed geometry. The head angle is less steep and the chain stays are half an inch longer! Sitting beside an American made 95, there are no measurable differences. I'm a bigger guy so I need 14 mm axles and this Big Daddy allows me to throw a set of wheels with big axles on it and ride! The bars are the NEW Hoffman Low Drag 4.3's that I got from Flatlandfuel. As well as the G-Sport Wheels, the Frequency G tires, Dia Compe Tech 77's and Hombre calipers. Other Odyssey goods consist of the Par Ends, Twisted PC pedals and of course the G3 gyro. The forks are 1 inch threaded 98 GT Performer forks that came stock with U-Brake mounts welded on at the factory. One of the coolest set of 1 inch forks ever! In my opinion, of course! Infinity pegs on the front and Tree Balsa pegs are on the rear! Rear hub is a mid school Odyssey Freecoaster and the front hub is a matching Odyssey 4X4 sealed bearing hub. Assembled, this turns out to be one really nice flatland rider! A little heavy, but again - very nice! Hope you enjoy checking it out! Ope

Submitted by opedogg47

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Hoffman Bikes
  • Model: Big Daddy
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details The first Flatland specific frame designed by the Godfather of Flatland!

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