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1996 Hoffman The Egg

1996 Hoffman The Egg

The Egg

This is how I bought the bike. I didnt pick the frame up when I bought it because it was about 4hrs away so a mate picked it up for me. A couple of months ago at a local bmx swap meet the fella I bought it off recognized the bike and introduced himself. Was good to know the history of it.

 I haven't put too much money into it as it was meant to be a budget bike when it was made and Im pretty happy with how it has turned out, probably one of my favourite bikes I have.

The bars are a generic copy bar. I dont know who made them but they suit the bike well. I need to change out the levers . Every time I look at the bike they are the first thing I see. I have also installed a Pitbull rear brake which suits it much better.