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1998 Hoffman Sugar Baby

1998 Hoffman Sugar Baby

The One That Got Away..... Well Almost.

In short I purchased this new in '98 to get back into the sport after a few years of not riding.

Got board in having chrome again, so I painted the main frame satin black.

Shortly after I sold it to my brother.

Fast forward to today, I asked my brother about the Sugar Baby.... He says he still has it, and that I can have it back if I want. I pick it up the week of his wedding, and was suprised that it was still complete, but with some surface rust, and some battle scars, and minus the original Skid Mark tires.

1 can, and 1/2 later of paint stripper, and some chrome polish, I got the chrome back to the way it was. Can't say the same for the original decals on the frame itself though. So I put on a set of red lettered SD-4 decals, and added a little custom touch to them to make it more personal, and turned the "D" to a "B", and cut out the "- 4" so it just has "SB" for Sugar Baby.


Update  Jan. 28/'15


The Sugar Baby is almost complete. Most original parts where  reused, cleaned/ repolished/ repainted to bring new life.

All the following are original.

frame, and fork

Hoffman Bikes stem

Hoffman Bikes mini light bars

Hoffman Bikes seat post

Hoffman Bikes seat clamp

Hoffman drop nose seat, but recovered the padded portion

Dia Compe front Bulldog , and dia compe XCE rear u brake re painted, and dia compe MX 101 levers repainted, and saved the MX 101 decals

Oryg sst detangler aswell as the upper,, and lower cables

Dia Compe front brake cable

Hoffman bikes chainring

one piece chromo crank

Welgo pedals

Hoffman Bikes front, and rear pegs(look to be like the Big Shot, but not to sure)

Diatech headset

freewheel, but might change it out, or rebuild it, it's a little rough sounding

Only things replaced or added so far are...

Hoffman black hand grips

Hoffman black handlebar end plugs

new kmc chain

decals, sd4 decals slightly modified for the Sugar Baby

brake shoes, went with kool stops eagle II's

hoops, went with jalco chrome plated aluminum 48's married to the original hubs, spokes, and nipples. The original Alex chrome plated hoops are peeling, and flaking

as for the tires, not sure on which route yet, just slapped on the set that where on the Sugar Baby when I got it back, but definitely gonna be upgraded

Submitted by 90Aggressor

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Hoffman Bikes
  • Model: Sugar Baby
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 75
  • Seattube angle: 70
  • Toptube length: 18-3/4
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"