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2012 Hoffman Strowler

2012 Hoffman Strowler

Current main ride. Had some fun building her up.

The skinny...
Frame: Hoffman Bikes 201218.9 Strowler ED Red
Fork: Odyssey Flatware Chase Goin 28mm fork
Bars: Odyssey Flatware Chase Goin (8" with 6 degrees of backsweep)
Grips: Odyssey Flatware Thumbtack grips (I use the Plastic Odyssey bar end plugs)
Levers: Porkchop BMX Dia Compe Tech 77 Polished levers (I chop the locking lever buttons out every time I get that button. I never use 'em!)
Stem: S&M 'Lil Redneck
Gyro: Red Annodized Odyssey GTX (I prefer the old ones with Knarps built in)
Gyro tabs: S&M (I usually cut slits on the side of them to make it slightly easier to put Gyro cables on and pull them off)
Top Gyro Plate: Quamen (I modded the plate, much like the Gyro tabs by cutting a slit on the sides for easier installation/removal of cables)
Integrated Headset: Shadow Conspiracy
Spacer(s):Red Carbon Spacer
Brakes: Odyssey EVO II
Brake cables: Odyssey Gyro for rear; Slic Cable for the front
Wheels: Odyssey Hazzard Lights, front laced with a Odyssey Vandero 2; Rear laced up with a Profile/Nankai(I put a London TI axle into her rear end, so her butt isn't heavy!)
Tires: Odyssey Frequency G K-Lyte 20x1.95 Tanwall tire
Tubes: Wall Mart
Pegs: At the moment, Huck Pegs (possible change soon...?)
Cranks: Profile 170MM, TI Spindel and TI Bitchin' Bolts
Pedals: KHE Stimulatorz
Sprocket: Hoffman Bikes Algol 28T
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Seat: Odyssey 99er (Odyssey, we need a new FLATLAND SEAT ALREADY!!!!)
Seat Post: Odyssey Intac
Seat Post Clamp: Odyssey Mr. Clampy
Comments: This bike weighs really nice. I really have no plans to make any major changes from here...I set out to set it up this way, really thought about the parts I wanted on her, and did it. Really, the only consideration I have in regards to changing her would be possibly the pegs. In the picture you see the bike with Hoffman Day Smith Loc'ed pegs. I switched to Huck pegs, but my feet don't seem to like them. The Hoffman Pegs might be going back onto her.
Any questions, hit my up! Thanks for looking!!

Submitted by Red43j

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Hoffman Bikes
  • Model: Strowler
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 74.5
  • Seattube angle: 70
  • Toptube length: 18.9
  • Headtube size: Internal
  • Details My current bike. I love the stem/gyro/spacer/integrated headset cup all being red. The look of that just kills it for me. The rear weighs really nice. The Profile replacement shell that is used to replace Nankai shells, paired with a London TI axle makes a huge difference. This bike probably has the nicest rear end feel out of any of the bikes I've ever built. thanks for your interest!

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