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1995 Hoffman Big Daddy

1995 Hoffman Big Daddy

I painstakingly SOLD this SEPT 2017. She was my baby for a long LONG time.... Found in bike shop basement that went out of business after sitting for 14 years

1995.5 model.

Hoffman Ramp Room F/F

Hoffman 3rd Gen Love Handles

Hoffman EP Seat

Odyssey Path 2.10 Prototype tires

Hoffman Day Smith Loc'd Pegs

DK Mini Stem

GT Winged Seat Clamp

Dia-Compe AD 990 Rear

Tektro 990 Front w/ Plate

Dia-Compe Tech 5 Levers

Gack High Rollers hoops

Hoffman Girthy Front (3/8)

Taska Freecoaster Rear

Redline 401 Single Pinch

Redline late 80's Sprocket

Techmatic BB with DD Spindle

MKS Graphite Pedals

Primo Rod Post

2nd Gen Gyro

OG Jive Handles with ODI ends