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1995 Hoffman Big Daddy

1995 Hoffman Big Daddy

Original Big Daddy F&F

Kevin Jones Signature model. The big daddy. Purchased from Hoffman bikes while they were still a homegrown operation in ~1995. Spoke with Matt personally and ordered this this Frame and fork while working at AJ Barnes bike shop. Notice the super solid gusset on the bottom of the rear triangle, and also between the down tube and stem. This is the most solid 20" bike I have ever rode to this day, no expense was spared while building it. You land a jump, no clangy noises, just a thump. In great condition. Needs new tires, chain. I would like to pull it apart and service the entire bike sometime, and have it powder coated. I no longer ride it anymore. Invested $1200-$1500 at time of build. This bike is almost identical to the "ultimate freestyle bike" featured in a BMX Plus! magazine issue from the mid nineties. Specs- -Hoffman Big Daddy Frame & fork -Standard Byke Co. Stip bars -Standard Byke Co. Hand Grenade pegs. Aluminum rear, stainless front -Perigrine stem factory anodized purple/oddessy gyro/shortened upper cable's -Perigrine Super Pro 48's Sealed. (chrome shows some wear. Tiny bubbles have began to form. Still mechanically perfect) -Perigrine alloy bar plugs -GT 3pc 180mm sealed -GT pedals -custom 990 mount on front fork (original hoffman big daddy fork did not come with 990 mounts) -GT sproket -GT seat/SPC

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