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1994 Hoffman Ramp Room Big Daddy

1994 Hoffman Ramp Room Big Daddy

Rare 94' Day Smith Inspired build

When I 1st got this bike from Japan, it was a ton of work. But one thing caught my eye and it was the rear brakes and the previous owner cut the OG AD holder and put a Useless AD holder inverted under the rear brake holes

So when I build and after doing some research I knew where the Jap bro was heading. So to finish his dream I build the Hoffman Bigdaddy Flatland Fugitive build just like how Day Smith use to ride with a lil bit more Graveyard and some Camacura's. So I had to custom some inverted AD Holder just like how Day did on one of his frames when he was part of the FF team. 

This build I truly have to thank no one else than  Malaysia's very own legendary pro rider and tuner  Ahmad Shaiful Azis aka Mat Dagu for inspiring this whole build! So much of love and years of passion went into this build... 

Some description is different from the pics as after building we decided to swap some parts out so that it looks as much as Day's did

Hope you guys enjoy the bike as much as I did building it. 

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Hoffman Bikes
  • Model: Big Daddy
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Frame: Hoffman BD 94 (Ramp Room build), customed and inverted the rear AD990 just like Day did on one of his BD's Super fork Gen 3 & Bomber Stem Crank: Profile Sprocket: Graveyard 29T Chain: Izumi Seat: Primo Steroid Seat Post: Hoffman Gen 1 Seat clamp: Hoffman Rims: Camacura Dough Boy Front Hubs: Suzue Mhs Rear Hubs: Nankai Spokes: Camacura Double Butted 14g radial laced Tires: Primo V Monster Pedal: Peregrine UF-1 Handlebar: Graveyard OG Bar Barends: Primo Grips: Hoffman Gyro Detangler: Odyssey Gen 1 Front Brake cables: Jagwire Rear Brake Cables: Odyssey Gen 1 Brake Lever: Tech 77 Japan Front Caliper: AD990 Japan w/ Lowboys Front and rear Break pads: Kool Stop Phat Pads Rear Brake Caliper: AD990 Japan w/ Lowboys Front Brake Bridge: Camacura Banta Grip: Hoffman Pegs: Hoffman Day Smith