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1981 High Tech

1981 High Tech

High Tech BMX Long

The High Tech frames were my first venture into actually making bikes, if you look in the High Tech listings, you will see the Prototype frame I made in 1980 at 12 years old. This was the summer of 7th grade I believe. I loved that prototype, but it was heavy, and pretty rough, a few of my friends in junior high were trying to convince me to start a frame company, and a good friend of mine Randy Rizzlo introduced me to Voris Dixon.

At the time I was working after school on occasion at SE , and was watching what was going on over there, and tried talking to Scot about building some bikes for me as he said no. So I spoke to Voris and decided to start up my own frame company, High Tech, as you can see it shares a lot of the features of the original prototype but is way more refined. 

I built a total of 2 batches of 25 pcs with Voris, there was the Long and the Short. Most were chrome, they all had a built in seat post clamp ( which broke off ) and have built in cable guides. 

After I showed up at the track with one all built and BMX Plus! put it in the Hot Products section, Scot offered me a spot on SE’s co-factory team, gave me a quad and offered me more hours at SE. 

So High Tech was shelved. If you notice, the Pro Neck National Pro is my frame without the cable guides and seat post clamp and with the strange tube gusset. Voris said he needed to keep production going and if I wasn’t going to buy frames anymore that he would change it up a little and sell it to Scurto. 

I always wonder what would of happened if I had kept High Tech going... 

If anyone has one, I would love to see it, I honestly don’t know where they all went. I have this one, the Long, I gave Brian Moses of MXR Hub fame one of the last shorts, as well as Bogi Givens, I believe the one I gave Brian was the Black one. 

We sold these through press releases in BDS ( Bicycle Dealer Showcase ) Magazine and BMX Plus! 

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  • Race
  • Company: High Tech
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"