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HH Racing Group (1976–2010)

Builder Statement

Since 1976, we have built custom bikes with the underlying philosophy, "You cant win a race you dont finish." Thats why our designs stress the need for durability & safety through good, sound engineering practice. When youre flying down a hill at over 50 mph you'll be relieved to know we opted for the strength instead of trying to save a few grams.

While our designs originated from racing practice, our bikes are not limited solely for this use. Many of our clients are weekend warriors who just take satisfaction in knowing their bike can win the most fiercely competitive race in the world. We at H.H. also ride, test & refine every new design making sure the bike performs flawlessly & has the proper "ride quality" for the intended purpose.

At H.H. we build bike frames from titanium, carbon fiber, metal matrix composite, aluminum or steel tubing. Our 21 years of experience make us uniquely qualified to build your next bike - just ask anyone whos ridden one of our bikes to a USCF National Championship or World Cup.

At H.H. were not intimidated into using old designs out of fear that new designs wont be accepted. When we find better designs we use them.

Harry Havnoonian

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