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1986 Healing Industries Freestyler

1986 Healing Industries Freestyler

The ultimate custom Kiwi freestyle build!

My grail. It's the memories of my childhood version of this bike that got me back into BMX. An '86 Healing Freestyler was my first 20" BMX, you can see a picture of my OG bike HERE.

Healing was the New Zealand sister company to Australia's Malvern Star, both companies released their own branded versions of the SuperMax, the bike made famous by Nicole Kidman's character in BMX Bandits (1983). 

Sporting an M6-XXXXX serial number, the full chromoly '86 Healing Freestyler frame was manufactured in the same Merida factory in Taiwan as the geometrically-identical Hutch Wind Styler, Peugeot CPX-100FS, Raleigh Freestyle and Malvern Star Maxi Freestyle frames - note the classic Hutch fork dropouts - the only difference between the Wind Styler and the Healing frameset being the addition of a kicktail loop behind the seat, and the screw in fork pegs.  

This bike took out the March 2012 Bike of the Month competition on The 2012 winners' post is HERE . 



Frame & Forks: 1986 Healing Freestyler
Bars: Skyway EZ Bars MK1
Grips: A'ME CAM grips
Stem: Forklifter w Pots Mod bolt (NOS before refinishing)
Headset: Tioga MX101 (NOS before refinishing)
Cranks and BB: Redline Flight 175mm (new, double pinch, with custom Healing decals)
Wheelset: Skyway Tuff II (new, sealed Bearing)
Tyres: Duro Freestyle skinwall 1.75
Sprocket: Tri-wing (GT Performer copy) 44t
Chain: YBN MK747 Freestyle 1/8"
Pedals: VP-767
Seat: NOS Viscount Dominator
Seat post: 80s Madison Layback (21mm)
Seat Post clamp: Suntour copy
Brake calipers: Chang Star 980 Freestyler, Potts' Mod front setup, with Skyway Tuff pads
Brake Levers: NOS Dia Compe Tech 4
Detangler: Odyssey Gyro 2
Front Brake Cable: Hi-Tech Slick Cable
Rear Brake Cable: Savage Gyro cables (extra long upper)
Pegs: NOS Healing Freestyler / Hutch Excel screw in pegs


Material: 4130 Chromoly
Frame weight: 2.55kg (5lb 10oz)
Fork Weight: 850gm (1lb 14oz)
Head Tube Angle: 73º
Seat Tube Angle: 74º
Top tube O.D.: 1"
Down tube O.D.: 1 3/8"
Wheelbase: 35 3/4" - 36 7/8"
BB height: 10 5/8"
Head tube length: 4"
Top tube length: 19 1/2"
Fork leg O.D.: 1"
Steering Head Tube Length: 4"
Serial placement: Under BB

My initial build design sketch...

Healing Freestyler build sketch

More pics...

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Healing Industries
  • Model: Freestyler
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 73
  • Seattube angle: 74
  • Toptube length: 19.5"
  • Headtube size: 1"