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1991 Hawk F-20

1991 Hawk F-20

1st gen 1 Hawk F-20 in Australia

I first saw the gen 1 Hawk F-20 at our local BMX track in 1991. I will admit at first sight it was an odd looking machine but was very unique to say the least. Since then I've been searching for one to build as I would have raced it back then.

After my storage unit break in where I lost the 1994 Hawk F20l I went about trying to find another one. What happened next is truly amazing.....
A friend contacted me and said he knew where there was an original gen 1 Hawk F-20 frame hanging up in a shed. Not only was it a gen 1 Hawk but it was the exact same one I had seen back in 1991. I was so excited to get my hands on this frame. I paid a pretty penny for it but it was hell worth it as i'd actually sat on this bike and did a few laps on it around the track as a brand new bike out of the US when most people didn't even know what it was or who Hawk were.
It had been repainted in metalic hot pink paint with home made decals on it and the original forks had been lost years ago. I took it home a literally just stared at it for hours imagining what this could look like fully built.
Like so many of my builds I write a parts list out similar to the list below. I then choose a colour scheme and go from there. As the gen 1 Hawks only came out in blue with white forks or red with white forks my colour scheme was pretty simple really. Back in 1991 this frame was originally blue with white forks so the next challenge was matching the blue which from memory thirty years ago was a mid to dark blue similar to a navy blue but a tad lighter. I couldn't find any images online of a blue Hawk F-20 to go off but as luck would have it there was traces of the original blue still in the BB shell from when it was originally painted. This was a breakthrough in the build process for me so I set out to mock build the bike before I sent the frame in for repainting.
During the mock build up I decided to contact the mate who I had bought the 1994 gen 2 Hawk F20l from and test my luck yet again with Hawk forks. Well luck was on my side as he had a spare set laying around so I did a trade with him on some Mavick XIXIXI rims I had returned to me after police recovered them from the break in. Unfortunately the picks below are of the Hawk without those forks as i'd already built it by the time I got the forks but rest assured the correct forks will be on the final build.
The next issue was correct decals for the frame and forks. I tried contacting Jim Moore about them however seems like he maybe wiping his hands of anything Hawk or Jayhawk now. A guy messaged me back by the name of Bobby Torres. He explained to me that he can do the decals based on the original screens as he has them now. The frame and forks have now been sent to the east coast to be colour matched to original and Bobby will be getting the decal order as soon as the frame and forks are back so I can ensure the decal colours match.
The parts list below is what will finally go onto the bike in the coming months.

FRAME: 1991 Hawk F20 gen 1
FORK: 1991 Hawk dual dropout
HEADSET: Epoch Mori - plastic cap
HANDLEBARS: Powerlite Powerbend Pro
GRIPS: Jive tentacles
LEVER: Odyssey Pitbull 1
CALIPER: Odyssey Pitbull 1
BOTTOM BRACKET: Profile sealed bearing 
CRANK ARMS:Profile unstamped 180mm 
SPINDER/DISK/WHEEL: JP 44t chainwheel
SEAT: Selle Italia Flite
HUBS: TNT Revolver
RIMS: Sun Mistral 20 x 1.75
TYRES: Tioga Comp3 reissue yellow lable fat & skinny
PADSET: Zeronine Geo
PLATE: Zeronine Landing Panel

More photos and information as this build progresses.

Submitted by Leereynolds

  • Race
  • Company: Hawk
  • Model: F-20
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details need clearer pics please