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1981 Hattori Prosight

1981 Hattori Prosight

Rarely seen racer

Hi all. 

Here are some pics of my 1981 Hattori Prosight frame and TRX forks.

These frames were Japanese made,  and sold as complete bikes here in Oz.  They seem to be reasonably uncommon,  and there are very few listed in the museum. 

The round tube version (like the one posted) was available in a couple of levels of specification that I'm aware of,  and there was also a lighter weight aero tube version available at higher cost. 

The last photo shows the round tube version,  in the two specifications.  This was taken from the Australian magazine "BMX Torque" of Jan/Feb 1983.

I'll build this up at some stage,  but for now I thought I'd add photos of the frame for reference purposes.