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2000 Haro Mirra Pro

2000 Haro Mirra Pro

The holy grail of midschool bikes.

I saved this all original Mirra from the swamp. Story goes, dad saved this bike for his kids. Kids found it and lost it out in the woods for a year or two.... . Anyway, scrubbed it up, replaced the bearings and bolts and now love riding this icon at the local skatepark. A magic bike keeping Dave in my thoughts. 

  • Street / Vert
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Mirra Pro
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details All Dave's good gear. Black pro bars, cranks and big block stem are original but not common. Weight comparison. 99 Vegas-E rims, profile SS cranks: 32lbs// Flyboy stock: 34lbs// '03' RL doubleX 2 pegs: 36lbs// Fishbone bigass stock: 36lbs// '00' mirra pro stock 40lbs