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1989 Haro Group 1 Team Signature

1989 Haro Group 1 Team Signature

Restored Mikey King Team Signature Model

Found on Museum as a very tired ,faded red- frame only set up a few summers ago a Haro Group 1 Mikey King Team Signature with MX5 headset cups. The headset cups were the only clue of it being once part of factory complete. Funny  frame/bike made its journey several states away after was originally purchased at a bike shop located about an hour north of my home. Per Haro ads 1989 Group 1's came in several trim levels: 1a, 1b, 1c and a Team Signature. Then there were some frame only options. A PM from another member offered me a fork but it was impossible to source correct Team decals. I settled on an OG set of 1b decals.  Then off to the painters she went.  I ROAKED the MX5 cups to another member when I  found a complete MX3 set up with a Tange headset lock. I went to work but I  then cracked the top race using my trusty headset press. I was not happy as I had just given away the very part I just broke and now needed. Project sat idle while looking  for a replacement top race.  A short time goes by as I source more parts and do some research. This banana bend on the top tube survives thru 1991 model year. After Haro searched for a proper frame to last under the Pros & top experts they commission Kastan to build  the Group 1 Professional Series frames in Mexico.  If you are lucky enough to have one of those in your stable kudo's to you. That along with the alloy composite are pretty rare as Unicorns in Group 1 speak. The current fork on this bike right now from the Hecho en Mexico batch. They can be identified with Mexico stamp and squared shoulder on fork bends. 1st fork I sourced was painted but a weld seam in steer tube is preventing a quilled stem from being properly inserted. She has some small updates down the road:  a wheel re-lace with Campy hubs and new spokes/alloy nipples. And oh and she rides sweet! I can understand why Mikey King rode to Number 1 status those years. 

1989 Haro Mikey King Team Signature Group 1a
1990 Haro/Kastan built chromed fork
Haro Bars and Fusion Stem & ODI Grips
Tange Levin Headset
Araya rims on Suzie looseball hubs (Campy coming soon . . . .)
Cheng Shin Comp III fat-skinny
Ody: lever and Pit Bull with Posi-Stop seat post clamp and 22.2 Integrated Seat Post(NOS)
Skyway Tuff pads brake shoes
Cinelli re-issue seat
Redline 180 mm half wraps, later years floating spindle, new school sealed BB, Flight Gear 45
Welgo platform pedals
Izumi 3/32 chain
SunTour 16T freewheel

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