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1986 Haro Sport

1986 Haro Sport

Full Chrome dubbed 'The White GHOST" by yours truly.

Born in 77' and ALWAYS wanted one of these when they first came out, and ever since then I vowed that one day I would own one. Now that dream has come true. I MST admit I have spent more on this bike that most would have imagined but to me it was well worth it. Now I'd be lying if I said there weren't a few parts that I wish I could still buy for this (i.e. OG Haro Sport white freestyle tires and an OG set of Haro Sport Decals) :) but I'm happy with the result thus far. Also, it cannot go without being noted that there may be some "purists" out there who may try and troll me for not making this all OG, but I digress.

I would also like to mention ALL the people and members who have helped me along the way and have contributed immensely to this build.
ButchsTatoos and his buddy for the F/F, DYNOWILL for introducing Butch to me. Stash84 for his direction on Haro specific parts, Raven (Moderator) who directed me on doing an Oxalic Acid Bath (but I ultimately decided to go with a C.A.P. bath instead due to the less toxicity of the baths), DYNOBMX who contributed the BB and Redline (repro-cranks), Sparticus (Admin) who has given me tons of advice on here who I am very grateful for, Thank you. Longfellow34 for the White 1986 stamped Dia-Compe 883 Nippons, Re-CYCLE Bike Shop for the ACS Tangent brake levers, Pinoyrider for the B1B Oakley Grips for which I removed the red sleeves and replaced them with white ones to create an all white set with blue doughnuts, Kami_Toyz for the Haro Group 1 stem that looks amazing, Custom Cycle Bike Shop for the Bars, OG Dominator seat, OG chainwheel bolts, Vision2010Martin for the OG Haro Uni-Directional Chainwheel, Pendealer2011 for the OG 1983 stamped Shimano DX pedals, Pedalers Choice for the OG NOS complete 1st Gen White Odyssey Gyro and cables, also the KMC410 all white chain, Mur57doc for the Chrome Tioga stamped seat clamp, Tsipidisbikes for the OG Chrome K.S.M. Kashimax guts, Juno2496 for the OG white Peregrine Masters, Abaxo for the Kenda K55 all white tires, Kingsbury Cycle for the steal of a deal on that NOS Tioga MX-600 Headset, and if there is anyone else that have helped me along the way that I've failed to mention just know that I'm extremely grateful. Thank you.

With that said, here are a few of the pics from the build and please keep the comments to a positive as this was my first build. Thank you and enjoy.

Submitted by AIRGHOST

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Sport
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"