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1990 Haro Invert

1990 Haro Invert

100% OG

Frame and Fork:  Haro Invert Trimoly Stamped, 1990. The frame is super clean with original decals. The chrome has been given a full vinegar soak to loosen all surface rust and then polished. Gusset and seat post platform were hand cleaned and polished (always thin on chrome, these areas require lots of TLC). This frame is straight as an arrow. The drop outs are amazing and the decals are a 7 out of 10 with a spot of loss on one fork and another on the downtube decal.

Fork Standers: The original owner sprayed them grey to hide surface rust. This preserved the pegs. The paint was stripped and the pegs were polished down to the nuts and washers.

Headset: Odyssey Gyro cleaned and polished. The top gyro assembly has wear from rubbing against the bars. The top cup was replaced with another cup from a 1990 GT because the cup was no seating well and had play (the original cup will be included in the sale. All bearing were super clean when removed. They are regressed and the headset is adjusted perfectly.

Stem: Beautiful Fusion Stem. Super clean. I kept al the bolt heads from being brushed out and just polished them with polishing rouge so that they retain the original clear coat.

Handlebars: Nice Haro Bars, super light. The knurling is excellent. No crushing around stem from over-tightening.  The bars had a vinegar soak and have been polished. They have hazing at the weld of the cross bar (as expected) and two or three pea size areas where there has been chrome loss from rust. They have been polished out to minimize the appearance of the loss and still show really well.

Levers: Lin Chi levers and super nice. They have locking mechanisms. I have even taking these apart, polished everything and put it back together. Very nice.

Housing and cables: New front cable and original housing. Odyssey Gyro Housing and Cables cleaned and in excellent condition.

Brakes: Odyssey 1999 date stamped 1985 in front. Completely rebuilt retaining the Odyssey logo but the brake has been polished as much as possible without losing the logo which is printed on the brake arms. The brake pads are original and have slight fading. The rear brake is a Odyssey Pit Bull, again completely overhauled and polished- every piece (a lot of work!).

Seat Post: Haro post with a slight bent- you cannot see it mounted but you can feel it when you insert it. It has a Vision Street Wear sticker on the post. The post has two tiny areas of chrome loss.

Seat: Fusion seat. Was given a vinegar soak to remove surface rust from rails. Cleaned up so well. Rails are straight. The Seat guts were hard to restore. If you polish these, they lose the original gold coat. So, the clamp has hand polished with aluminum foil which removes surface rust but will not remove the gold coat- a small detail but it keeps the seat original. That matters! The Fusion stamping on the seat is excellent.

Seat Clamp: Awesome Fusion clamp in excellent condition. The bolt and nut was hand polished.

Chain: KMC chain. Lightly brushed on a wire wheel to remove light amounts of surface rust. Again, this chain has a gold coat on it so care had to be taken to keep the coat in place.

Pedals: Nice VP Pedals, cleaned and given a coat of armor all.

Cranks: These were painted grey by the original owner to cover surface rust. The paint was stripped and the cranks were hand cleaned and polished and came out very nice.

Sprocket-Chainring: The Star was painted grey, poorly I might add. The paint was stripped and the star was polished by hand. The Haro Uni-Directional chainring had grey overspray on it. I used mother's Mag polish to remove the paint and to polish the black powder coat. It came out very nice. The chain ring bolts were brushed and polished.

Wheels: Joytect hubs with race bearings

Tires: Amazing Haro Uni-Directional 

Grips: Haro logo grips


Submitted by Jayrev67

  • Street / Vert
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Invert
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"