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1997 Haro Group 1 RSi

1997 Haro Group 1 RSi

Haro Group 1 RSi frame I got for cheap on eBay and built up. Somewhat of a Frankenstein'd bike, but I love it all the same. -SOLD-

Here's a 1997 Haro Group 1 RSi frame that I got for pretty darn cheap on eBay. I suspect part of the reason it was so cheap was because of the seat post that was (and still is...kinda) stuck in it when I got it, and I mean STUCK. Tried Liquid Wrench, pipe wrenches, heat, any thing you could think of to get the thing out, but it was stuck. Probably cold welded. It was already too mangled at the top of the post, so you couldn't mount a seat on it, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered trying to remove it, so I didn't know what to do for the longest time. Finally, a friend and I took a circular saw to it and cut it down a bit, then found a miscellaneous pipe at the hardware store that was the right size to mount a seat on, and had threads on one end that were just the right size to bite into the inside of what was left of the stuck seat post, so we screwed it in with extreme prejudice, using a pipe wrench. Anyhow, TL;DR - INSTALL YOUR SEAT POSTS PROPERLY AND THIS WON'T HAPPEN! Haha. Here's a run down of the parts:

- 1997 Haro Group 1 RSi frame
- Skyway OE 6 spoke mags (dyed purple by someone before me)
- Duro "Infection" tires
- GT 3-piece cranks
- 44t Torq chainwheel (looks almost identical to some of the ones Fusion made)
- Animal "Hamilton" pedals
- Proper seat post clamp
- Half mangled Fusion seat post, half hardware store pipe
- No name seat that I (poorly) "reupholstered" myself
- Unknown black forks (no branding or anything on these either)
- Royce Union stem
- Royce Union threaded pegs
- '91 Haro Sport handlebars (someone before me repainted these)
- Unknown brake lever
- Avid "Single Digits" V-Brake
- SCS brake pads
- Cult/Vans waffle grips
- The Shadow Conspiracy "Deadbolt" bar ends
- Pryme number plate (the 138 is my homage to the Misfits)

So now maybe you understand what I mean by it being a Frankenstein'd bike haha. I know some purists on here are already gagging about this, but I'm not worried about it. Thanks for stopping by to check this out!

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Submitted by scottrides

  • Race
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Group 1 RSi
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 20.5"
  • Headtube size: 1"