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1984 Haro Master

1984 Haro Master

Just one of my many Haro's.

Another one of the bikes I built years ago and never got around to adding it here. I got this survivor finish frame and for from a good friend in a swap. At that time, I had 2 1983 Freestylers' but didn't have a 2nd Gen Master. I knew how much my friend wanted an '83 Freestyler so we did the swap. In the end - we both were happy and got what we wanted. I decided to do something different with this one and built it up with era correct parts that one might have found during that time.  


Here's the parts breakdown:

1984 Haro Master - 2nd Generation Frame / Fork - Original chrome and stickers

Vector - Pro Bars - Original chrome and stickers

Haro Flex Fighter Stem Stiffener - NOS

Skyway Graphite Mags - SunTour 16 tooth freewheel - Lightly used

Sugino GT Cranks - 175mm w/ Loose Bearing Bottom Bracket set - NOS

Sugino 44 tooth Chainring - NOS

Sugino Chairing Bolts and Nuts - NOS

Tioga Headset - NOS

Tioga Comp III Tires - 20" x 1.75" - Lightly used

Dia Compe MX 900 Nippon Front Caliper - NOS

Dia Compe MX 900 Nippon Rear Caliper - NOS

Generic Brake Cables - NOS

ACS Potts Freestyle Locking Levers - NOS

Dia-Compe MX Hinged Seat Post Clamp - NOS

Elina Seat - Lightly used

Anlun Laid-back Seat Post - Used

KKT Rat Trap Pedals - NOS

Grab-On MX-3 Grips - NOS

Submitted by radmeon

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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