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1987 Haro Master

1987 Haro Master

My grail, the bike that defined Freestyle in the late 80s

Some background on this bike. I got it back in June 2015 from the original owner whose mom got it for him in 1989 brand new. He kept it through the years and several relocations all over the country. It was in rough shape, had been left outside for a while so it needed some work. I kept most of the original parts that came with the bike. I restored, cleaned them and put them back on. I wanted it to be a survivor and this is how it'll be for a while.
I will note on the parts list what was OEM and what was modified. 
All parts are survivor parts that were originally on the bike or purchased like that, cleaned and or restored to complete it as you see it.
An interesting story about the seat...I got it from a member here, it was advertised as a white Dominator seat, good enough for me. To my surprise, I took it out of the box and the first thing I noticed was the faint blue lettering on it, indicating it was a Haro Dominator but the cherry on top was to find the Mint paint on the guts! so I can say this seat was on a Teal/Mint Haro originally and it fits my build perfectly!
The last 3 pictures give you an idea of the shape it was in when I got it. Those Gyro cables were restored, they are not perfect but I'm happy I was able to save them. I sanded the housings and painted them with Tamiya PS-1 (for flexible polycarbonate).

I hope you enjoy it.

Bike Check

Frame: 1987 Haro Master - OG 
Forks:  1987 Haro Master - OG
Handlebars: Gen 1 Haro Kneesavers - added
Grips: A'ME type - OG
Stem: Haro Group 1 - OG
Headset: YST - OG
Detangler: Odyssey Gyro - OG
Brake levers: 90s Dia Compe Tech 77 - added
Front brake: Dia Compe 883 Nippon, stamped 87 - OG
Rear Brake: Dia Compe AD990, stamped 87 - OG
Front Brake cable: Dia Compe, dated 87.05.18 - added
Rear Brake cable: Upper and Lower Odyssey Gyro cables - OG restored
Seat post: Haro fluted - - OG
Seat: Viscount Dominator blue font - added and lettering restored 
Seat clamp: Peregrine - OG
Bottom bracket: Profile - added
Cranks: Redline 175mm, dual pinch late 90s American made - added
Sprocket: Haro Compact Disc - added
Chain: KMC - added
Pedals: Victor VP-500 - OG swapped the 1/2" axles for 9/16" ones so I could keep the OG platforms
Front Wheel: Peregrine 48s Super Pro- added, came from a friend who hung them in 1996 and never touched them again
Rear Wheel: Peregrine 48s Super Pro- added, came from a friend who hung them in 1996 and never touched them again
Freewheel: ACS Claws - was on the Super Pro
Tires: Panaracer HP406 re pop - added

Submitted by racer155

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 74.5
  • Toptube length: 19"
  • Headtube size: 1"