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1999 Haro Group 1AL

1999 Haro Group 1AL

2015 Spring build-off "RACE" entry

Frame: 99' Haro Aluminum
Fork - Answer
Headset - DK
Stem - Haro/Fusion
Bars - Haro/Fusion
Grips - Odi
Lever - Vuelta
Brake - ProMax Caliper
Brake Bracket - MJS Built Custom
Cable - PTFE Coated
Seat - Haro
Post - Haro/Fusion
Clamp - Aluminum No-brand
Pedals - Crupi W/Ti spindles
Crank - Torker
Spider - GT
Chainring - MCS 41tooth
Chain - KMC 3/32 W/master link
Freewheel - Dicta 15tooth
Chain pulls - Promax
Hoops - Femco W/polished sidewalls
Rear hub - Sunshine 79'
Front Hub - KK

This build started as a swap-meet scored Frame,Fork,&Stem that I had been real reluctant to buy, due to "questionable" lines in the OG yellow powder. I had inspected it real close when buying, and the seller agreed, that around the welds there was some lines in the powder that could reveal themselves to be cracks upon stripping. The purchase was made after a little negotiation. With hopes held high, I did some spot stripping in the questionable spots, and thankfully all was good, evidently it was just visual trickery caused by the way the powder had flowed/settled along areas of the beads.
The frame was then completely stripped, chemically. After every speck of yellow was off it, I then directionally sanded each tube (two steps; #240,#320), creating a light brushed aluminum look. I then clear-coated in Dupli-color Glitter FX Paint. It really pops in the sun! Yet, one can't even see the glittery finish indoors or with cloud overcast.
The same finish treatment was given to an old Answer Aluminum fork that I picked up in the for sale section here. The fork was pretty rough! But the potential was there, and the price was right.
Iron Maiden Theme decals, their styled lettering and of course, Eddie. The seat mast is my favorite, featuring the "Killers" album cover art. My wife says the Haro Yolk decal is the best though, the "Haro number 1".
One-of-a-kind disc bracket was made to fit this frame. Sunshine rear hub is loose ball, I was able to simply remove a cone/jam-nut spacer and that allowed for the bracket to fit in the drops without any trouble.
For the most part, this was a budget build. All work was performed by myself.
The Haro platform  pedals didn't do it justice, so the Crupi's are on loan from my Huffy for the photos. 

Submitted by 350Ratfink