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1993 Haro Sport

1993 Haro Sport

What if...

In the mid-90’s, the Haro Sport was the bike that time forgot. Redesigned as Street riding progressed (and was arguably the best bashguard bike of all time) in 1989, but not officially introduced until midway through 1990, the Sport kept the same great ramp geometry from the 80’s, and incorporated the bashguard that was so important at the time as the sport of BMX Freestyle progressed, and borrowed more from skateboarding. And then… it was kind of forgotten. Sure, Haro gave the Sport a 1” seat tube in ’94, and thicker dropouts along the way, but while other bikes were being redesigned, the Sport languished with generic rims, mid-grade components, side-pull caliper brakes (the 990 was lost after 1988, a cost-saving measure, and the BOA was lost after 1992, again a casualty of the bean-counters) and a 1” quill stem. At one point, it was thoughtlessly given Haro’s new grind-disc sprocket, in addition to the integrated bashguard, and suffered a name-change to ‘Basher.’ However, there was always a quiet dignity to the Haro Sport. While Haro’s other bikes grew fat ‘Megatube’ designs, the Sport kept Bob Haro’s original design and the wraparound head-tube gusset. Even in the mid ‘90s, Haro riders of the day could occasionally be seen riding the Sport over newer designs, testifying to its tried and true design and geometry. The Sport could be found hiding at the back of a Haro catalog up to 1996-97, available as a frameset only (most likely old stock from ’94-’95 Haro was trying to sell off) long after the writing was on the wall, in the form of the new Blammo. 

But what if the Sport had been given the same design upgrades and care that the newer models received? What if the Sport had stayed as the flagship model it deserved to be? What would a 'top of the line' factory-correct Haro Sport from the mid-school era look like? This bike is the answer. 

Frame:  1993 Haro Sport, 4130 Chromoly. Added seat-stay 990 mounts, London mod. 1990 Sport decals. (traded with getmoney. Decals came from Froff.) Brazing by local shop, Biseagal, in Toronto ON.
Fork: 1997 11/8" Haro Megafork (from local Craigslist Blammo donor bike)
Headset: Custom 1" - 11/8" threadless conversion (from member 1mongoose)
Bottom Bracket: Haro / Fusion, sealed (originally from my '96 Group 1 RSi) 
Stem: Fusion 11/8” threadless, polished (from Blammo donor bike)
Handlebars: Haro Mirra Pro (from the 'bay.)
Levers: Dia-Compe Japan Tech 77
Grips: Team Haro krayton
Front Brake: Haro ABS v.1 (from member Froff
Rear Brake: 1996 dated Dia-Compe AD-990 (from Blammo donor bike)
Detangler: Custom SST Oryg (1" bottom plate, 11/8" top and floating plates)
Crank: Haro / Fusion 3-pc, 180 mm (from my Group 1 RSi)
Sprocket: Fusion Nuke chainring, 43T, ano removed (from member mondo122)
Pedals: NOS Victor VP-555
Rims: Araya Super 7X
Hubs: Haro Mega-hubs, sealed, female axles (from Blammo donor bike) 
Tires: NOS Haro Multisurface II
Seatpost: Haro / Fusion micro-adjust layback 25.4mm
Seat: NOS Odyssey Z77
Pegs: Haro Mega tube, not pictured

Link to the build thread here.

Notes: Haro only used the ABS brake for less than two years (some 97 Blammo's still cme with a front Nippon, while some '98 Blammo's came with 990's, so the ABS was used only from early-mid 1997, to mid 1998.) There were several styles of Mega-fork made during that time period, including Mega-forks without canti-mounts (for standard caliper brakes,) Mega-forks with canti-sized brake posts (for ABS mounting,) 990-sized brake posts (for ABS mounting) and 990 brake posts (relocated for 990 mounting.) ABS brakes are really difficult to find, and I waited months to find a set, not knowing that there were also two sizes of ABS brake post used: those used for canti studs, and those used for 990 studs (which are bigger.) So when I went to install my canti-sized ABS brake on my 990-brake-post-equipped Megafork, it just didn't work. So, fast forward several more months, and I've finally had the ABS brake milled out to accept the slightly larger 990 sized brake post. Mid-school Haro restorers, be warned. 

Other thanks and credits (you answered questions, or provided inspiration via your amazing builds): dd4130, getmoney, therobster, Harvester, HaroSickness, yellow99s.

Submitted by OG'89

  • Street / Vert
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Sport
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 71
  • Seattube angle: 70
  • Toptube length: 19.5
  • Headtube size: 1"