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2002 Haro Mirra S351 Pro

2002 Haro Mirra S351 Pro

2002 U.S.A. made Mirra Pro frame in raw

This is the much rarer U.S.A. made Mirra Pro sold as a frame only. Its a completely different frame than the Taiwan made Mirra Po completes. Different geometry, weight, materials and construction.  Some key differences between these and the Taiwan frames - U.S. frames use higher quality steel, down tubes and seat tubes double butted internally, CNC headtube and BB shell. There is also differences visually, I.E... the U.S. frames don't have weep holes, they use a stamped headtube badge instead of a decal, serials are different format and location, different decal sets, etc ...

  I spotted this as a complete on California craigslist. After talking to the seller and working a deal on the frame, I then had a excellent member here who I consider I friend ( you know who you are, thanks again man ) pick it up and send it to me in Florida.  According to the seller, he purchased it through a friend who worked in R&D at Haro. 

 If you think you may have one of the U.S. made frames please contact me.


Submitted by HaroSickness