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1984 Haro Master

1984 Haro Master

1st Generation Haro Master — USA/Torker-Made — All Original Finish

This build has been a long time coming. I was lucky enough to get an original first generation Haro Master. USA-made in the Torker Factory. This frame set has all original paint and decals. The whole build is all original finish — No restored parts anywhere on this bike. Within the year 1984, there were three different versions of the Haro Master. This particular frame set was one of the few first / early batches — before the chevron stampings began, tubing sizes changed, coaster bracket was moved, and other small changes, etc. The frame set is essentially the same as an 83 Haro Freestyler - but with an upgraded solid gusset — and was the very first bike in a long line of awesome Haro bikes to wear the "Master" name.

I didn't want to do another cookie-cutter "Bob Haro" replica build like most people do when they build an 84 Master, although they are impressive. I really wanted to make this bike my own with parts from the mid 80s that came out around the same time + or - a year or two. This build uses parts ranging from 82-86 (centering around 1984).  I built it as though it had been assembled in 84 and upgraded over time as more and more functional freestyle / bmx parts became available. I'm really embracing the specific level of aging and patina on the finish of this bike - using most parts with similar signs of use in the original finishes. The little nicks and chips here and there really bring these parts together in a nice way - and finish off the bike just the way i like it. Enjoy some pics.


                   ::::::::::::  Parts List  ::::::::::::


Frame & Fork - 1984 Haro Master (1st Generation)
Handlebars - Redline Forklifter - Freestyle
Stem - GT Mallet
Grips - ODI Mushroom - Version 1 (Original)
Cranks - Haro Group 1 - 1st Gen
BB - Sealed Suntour / Anlun - Alloy Cups
Chainring - Tuf-Neck 44t
Chainring Bolts - Sugino
Pedals - KKT SMX
Tires - NOS Toiga-Mitsuboshi Comp ST (1.75")
Rims - Araya 7x - Chrome
Hubs - Chrome Suzue "Light Alloy / C.P. Finish" 36h
Seatpost - Haro Fluted w/ original decal
Seat - Cycle Pro "Shot Gun" (1st Gen, Double Stamped)
Seat Clamp - Tange SC-2
Chain - Nickel 1/8"
Headset - Tioga "Bear Trap"
Rotor - Odyssey Gyro - Orig. Blue
Calipers - Dia Compe Nippons (Orig. Ano-Blue) 85-86
Cables - Dia Compe "85-dated" + Orig. Odyssey Gyro Cables
Brake Pads - Dia Compe - White Compound
Levers - Dia Compe "Arial 182" Tech-7
Pegs - GT Steel Tube Rides (Rear=Shorty / Front=Long)

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details