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2002 Haro Backtrail X1

2002 Haro Backtrail X1

Re-located brake mounts,...more pics in comments. -SOLD

This one I picked up as a total heap, it was a wreck! I performed ALL the work myself, welding, paint, powder-coating, & wheel-building. The brake relocation was done for two reasons, one being it opens the door to micro-drive-line systems by having them up under the seat-stay, secondly it sets my X1 apart from the rest in sea of X's in this frame style. I didn't really intend on going this crazy with the re-build on this bike, this build just kinda happened, things kept turning out great, I just kept at it until it was completed. Only took like 3 months or so to build everything (damn Wisconsin winter, LOL). An alignment jig was used to do the brake stud re-location, I've done a few before. The longest/worst part of that operation is to nicely shave the old brake application off. Seems like it takes forever to get the old mounts smoothed out (to grind em' real close, then hand file til' flush, no body filler required!), then only a few moments to weld the new brake routing in place. After the brake thing was done, I stripped the frame, fork, and bars with Zip Strip. Paint is just conventional spray paint, and it looks pretty darn good! Then added a bit of graphics for that finished look. The seat was recovered too, with some old denim jean material. I decided to add a front brake too, just because I had it laying here. These backtrail models I had viewed as being a dirt/trails bike, after all "trail" is in it's very that's why it's Dirt Jump/ Trail by listing, but with the change-up of the bars and the edition of the front brake, it really has more of that old park/vert/freestyle flavor to it now.

Frame: 2002 Haro Backtrail "Nyquist Edition".

Fork: Haro (OE).

Head-set: Cane Creek (OE)

Stem: Fusion (OE) Polished by me!

Bars: Mongoose (2006)

Brake levers: Pro Max

Grips: Unknown, Black mushroom type 130mm length.

Bar-ends: Unknown, black rubber plug type.

Brake detangler: SST Oryg. Upper cable is fitted W/knarp in lever.

Rear brake: APSE U-brake.

Front Brake: APSE "2000", inlay-reliefs pinstriped in blue, by me.

Seat: Honda bicycle. Recovered in denim.

Seat post: Unknown brand, Chrome plated, 25.4 dia.

Seat clamp: Haro single clamp (2001 Zippo)

Crank: Poverty 180mm. Powder-coated White. Shadow Conspiracy pinch bolts.

Sprocket: Lee chi 36tooth.

Pedals: VP-511 Aluminum platforms.

Chain: KMC 1/8" chrome "Z" chain. W/Master link & A 1/2-link.


 Rims: HJC 20x1.75 Aluminum single wall, 48 spoke.

 Tires: Ponely brand 20x2.125". snake belly type tread white walls.

 Front hub: Sun Race, sealed cartridge bearing, 14mm axle.

 Rear hub: Poverty, Sealed cartridge bearing cassette, 12tooth cog, 14mm axle.

 Spokes: Stainless on both wheels, Sapim brand front, unknown rear.

 Misc: Blue dice.

Submitted by 350Ratfink

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Backtrail X1
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 20.5
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details Cromo SEAT-TUBE only.